ADOR's mission is to reach out to as many dogs in need as possible, whether from the streets, public shelters or abusive families. However rescuing a dog is not just about relocating him to a safe facility. A dog that needs rescuing is a dog with physical and/or emotional traumas, that will need rehabilitation and reintegration before finally being placed in a forever, happy and responsible home. Unfortunately in Romania dog rescuing is turning more and more into a business, and for many, quite a profitable one. But this activity should not be limited to relocating the dog into a small, enclosed pen where he is fed and watered. A dog that needs rescuing becomes a shadow, and from day 1 the dog is being rescued he needs to become someone. This is Ador's mission, to reach out to as many "shadow" dogs and help them become someone from day 1 until we can finally place them in a forever, safe and happy family.

This is a difficult task to achieve, strenuous physically, emotionally and financially . The dogs from the public shelters are in their large majority sick: distemper, parasites, parvo, demodex, babesiosys just to name a few. Quarantine and medical support is necessary just to get them ready for Phase 2, when the difficult part begins. Most of these dogs have been brutalized and are weary of people. Others suffer from what is called "the shelter shock" and simply turn away from everything around them. Some dogs get into this "surviving state" and behave like wild wolves. But Ador refuses to believe that these dogs are compromised, that they are "broken beyond repair". It takes a lot of work, a lot of patience to break these barriers, to earn their trust, to teach them how to be and why to love. There are a lot of ups and downs, because for most of them, us people are to blame for what they have become. In the end of it all, it is us who are honored and privileged to witness some of the most miraculous changes. These animals teach us their miracle every day, so in the end of it all, they teach us that everything's worth it after all.

Unfortunately, not every miracle gets to live the happy end story. Some dogs seem purely ordinary to the eye, your common stray, too black, too white, too short or just unlucky. So for some of them, their journey ends with us, in the absence of a mom or dad to take them "home". So Ador will be their home until the very end, and try to be the best mom or dad possible. This in a nutshell, is our activity. And while it's being told in just a few simple words, it actually becomes our life and it takes every minute of our days and nights. Our activity is entirely donation based, therefor your support, both moral and financial are crucial for our efforts. Please join us, be part of the Ador family.

There are many things we can be proud of in Romania, but the way we manage the stray animal situation is not one of them. This situation has been widely discussed throughout too many years, political parties took advantage of it during campaigns and joggled votes and large amounts of money through impulsive and thoughtless actions. However the result has always been the same - a lot of useless suffering for the animals and strong emotional traumas for both animals and animal lovers. Tens of thousands of dogs have been gathered in insalubrious public shelters thus creating the perfect habitat for a number of infectious and parasitic diseases to develop rapidly and tens of thousands of dogs have been tortured or killed through barbaric methods.

In retrospective, these methods have obviously failed and the situation of the stray dog population is far from being resolved. Huge amounts of money have been spent from the public budget in futile attempts to manage this situation, and to make matters worse - these funds continue to be provided in the same futile and corrupt manner. There is a constant flow of new dogs that end up in the street. The animal rights activists are being harassed and conflicted. The Parliament continues to issue absurd and useless laws without enforcing an actual Authority to ensure that the same laws are being applied and the law breakers sanctioned.The press in its large majority is an accomplice to this situation.

The ADOR association was born in response and as a consequence of the absurdity and atrocity. Our belief is both complex and simple: the stray canine population can only be diminished through sterilization and education. There is a lot of work to be done and many angles to reach. There is an urgent need of an applicable and efficient legislative package to educate the dog owners and ensure that the animals in their households are actually sterilized, ESPECIALLY IN THE RURAL AREAS. We need to lobby our activities among Romnian politicians to put the basis of a humane, stable and lasting resolution of this situation. The dog owning mentality needs to change and this is an abstract challenge that has to be faced heads on. We need external help, from animal rights associations in order to influence the decision makers to achieve the ultimate goal - to better the life and fate of dogs in Romania.